Why drink TanaWater?


Crystal-clear benefits


The T6 water purifier is connected to the mains, so you can enjoy an endless supply of pure water at the touch of a button – perfect for cold drinks and hot beverages. The patented flip-up drip tray also allows for filling larger items such as sports bottles, cafetieres, tea pots and saucepans.

No more kettles or filter jugs and more space in your home, recycling bin and shopping bags!


You can enjoy an endless supply of triple-purified chilled and boiling water at the touch of a button.  Filter taps and jugs simply don’t offer the same microscopic level of water purification as the T6. The sophisticated triple purification process will absorb chlorine and remove unwanted particles, including sand, rust and dirt. Impressively, all the essential minerals remain, such as magnesium and calcium – for healthy teeth and bones. What’s more, once filtered the water is hygienically sealed until you want it.

Find out more about our water purification process


Bottled water is expensive. In fact, a family of four can end up spending over 429 Euro a year if they all drink 1.2 liters (the NHS-recommended fluid intake) of bottled water a day*. 

*Calculation based on 4.8 liters of bottled water consumed per family per day at a cost of 2.20 Euro per 6 bottles of 1.5 Liter each based on the average prices from 2 leading supermarket chains for the period January-March 2012, correct at period indicated and subject to change.


It’s a shocking fact that it takes three litres of water and 250ml of oil to produce a single one litre bottle of drinking water. Worse still, there are millions of ‘food’ miles in transportation from spring to bottling plant and then warehouse to retailer.  Add to that the countless tons of plastic bottles ending up in landfill where they can take up to 450 years to decompose – all contributing to climate change. The T6 is a cleaner, greener and easier alternative.

Bottled Water Coolers


Just imagine, no more heavy bottles to carry, move and store, no more paperwork per bottle, doing away with your kettle and minimizing the workforce downtime!

Existing bottled water coolers rely on air being drawn into the bottle every time a cup of water is dispensed. When this happens, bacteria can grow.

Consider the quality of the bottled water: how long ago was the bottle changed? What is the temperature in the room it’s in? How old is the bottle? Was the bottled stored in direct sunlight? When was the bottled water cooler last serviced and sanitized? The T6 is significantly cheaper than most bottled water cooler providers – call us to find out more.



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